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Downloads 114,909,256
File Name vlc.exe
Version VLC 2.0.0
File Size 20 Mb
File Type EXE
System Requirements Windows 2000 or later

VLC is the most popular open source media player on the internet. It plays broken files, incomplete files and virtually every file format out there. There’s no reason not to use VLC.

Thousands of people download VLC every day. Are you ready to join them in the best user experience a media player can offer? Downloading VLC means accessing one of the most compatible media players in the world. Why struggle with your media player when you could be watching videos and DVDs the easy way?

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VLC Source Code

VLC is an open source application developed by VideoLan. You can find the source code for VLC via the link below.

Source Code: Version 2.0.0.

Required Libraries: Contrib Libraries Tarballs.

Older versions can be found by browsing our FTP archive.

VLC’s source code repository is available through Git.

Check out our developer’s website for Additional Resources.